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Jeunesse Reserve™

Jeunesse RESERVE™ is botanical antioxidant fruit blend specially designed to rejuvenate your entire body, a gel blend containing resveratrol, dark sweet cherry juice, blueberry juice, pomegranate juice, concord grape juice, grapeseed extract, aloe vera, acai extract and green tea extract, which is packed with massive doses of antioxidants, anthocyanins, phytosterols and essential fatty acids to fight against the aging process. RESERVE™ is certified Halal.

Jeunesse’s RESERVE™ comes in a box of 30 small packs which makes it easy to carry around with you and consume any time of the day. Each pack is 30ml and contains only 13 calories (very low in carbohydrates and sugar). The gel has a tasty, grape flavour.

Jeunesse RESERVE™ is naturally sweet and bursting with exotic flavors. Formulated to provide you with all the protection you need, this delicious and nutritious Jeunesse Reserve gel will infuse your body with youthful vitality and a feeling of overall good health. Jeunesse RESERVE™ superstar ingredient, RESVERATROL, is accompanied by a supporting cast of other powerful antioxidants like acai, pomegranate, blueberry, dark sweet cherry, aloe vera, grapeseed, and green tea. This incredible anti aging supplement will jump-start your day.

Medical and nutrition experts worldwide recognize that a major reason for premature aging is the damage that free radicals have on our cells. These experts indicate that an effective way to defend against free radical damage is to ensure we are consuming a plentiful amount of antioxidant food. According to a substantial body of medical research and clinical trials, the best way to do this is to consume the right antioxidant food and take antioxidant and anti aging supplements. Because of today's pace of life we do not consume enough of antioxidants so the Jeunesse company is designed Jeunesse Reserve. Jeunesse RESERVE is an excellent defense against free radical damage. Jeunesse RESERVE delivers a significant amount of resveratrol, a natural antioxidant containing compound found in the skin of red grapes, in a highly bio-available gel form, making it more absorbable than encapsulated products.

Using age-defying technology, Jeunesse RESERVE™ is the result of innovative science and ground-breaking research on behalf of medical professionals throughout the world.

Why is RESERVE™ such a powerful supplement?

Our body’s natural systems (e.g. metabolic and immune systems) produce free radicals as by-products. The presence of pollution, radiation, chemicals and cigarette smoke, etc. in our living environment also causes our body to produce free radicals. Free radicals are unstable molecules which damage our DNA and cells, and contribute to serious health problems such as cancer and heart disease. Free radical damage accumulates with age.

Antioxidants help to protect our body against free radical damage by blocking the activities of free radicals. To counter the negative effects of free radicals, we need to ensure that our body has more antioxidants than free radicals.

RESERVE™ is packed with antioxidants as it is made out of fruits and plants with high antioxidant content. It is not sufficient to just consume food high in antioxidants – in order to benefit from antioxidants, it is very important that the food we consume is able to deliver antioxidants to our cells so that the antioxidants can start fighting free radical or oxidative damage. RESERVE™ has been tested and proven to be able to deliver large doses of antioxidants to our cells. These CAP-e test results show that RESERVE™ provides our cells with up to 37.1 units of antioxidants per ml, which is very high.

Another key ingredient in RESERVE™ is resveratrol which is found in dark colored fruits and plants, and is capable of switching on a gene in our DNA known as the SIRT1 gene or “rescue gene”. Although found in our DNA, this gene is normally inactive. However, when switched on, it produces proteins which protect our cells from inflammation and oxidative damage, which are the primary causes of premature aging and many serious health diseases e.g. cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. High SIRT1 levels help slow down the aging process, extend lifespan, reduce the risk of may serious health diseases, and maintain our body in a healthy state.

Beneficial effects of Jeunesse’s RESERVE™

  • antioxidants minimise/prevent free radical damage to cells -> repairs damaged cells and DNA, delays cell aging -> slows down aging process

  • improves resistance against chronic inflammation, a leading cause of damage to cells and bodily tissue

  • increases metabolism -> feel more energetic, have better focus & concentration, and promotes weight loss

  • enhances memory, reaction time and processing of information

  • enhances muscle strength and reduces muscle fatique -> increases enduranceand improves coordination

  • anthocyanins improve cardiovascular function, fights against cancer by slowing down growth of pre-malignant cells

  • essential fatty acids promotes healthy digestive tract function & helps digestion

  • phytosterols reduce cholesterol absorption and blood cholesterol concentration -> help maintain healthy cholesterol levels -> prevents heart disease

  • Resveratrol induces metabolic changes which mimic the effects of calorie restriction. This induces production of the SIRT1 enzyme which controls a wide range of physiological functions including metabolism, DNA repair and aging. Promising data from research show resveratrol’s role in preventing various cancer types, coronary heart diseases and  diabetes, thereby prolonging life



Follow the links below for some real life success stories from people whose lives have changed for the better thanks to RESERVE™:


Jeunesse RESERVE™ is clearly a very powerful supplement with the ability to rejuvenate and heal the body from a cellular level against various major illnesses. RESERVE™ is not only meant to be taken by those who are currently suffering from health problems, but it can also be taken daily by healthy individuals to maintain good health and prevent the onset of health problems. Growing old is inevitable, but we can take steps to ensure that we remain as youthful and healthy as possible as we age.



RESERVE’s superstar ingredient, resveratrol, is a heart-healthy compound that has been known to help support your body’s immune system, fight oxidative stress, and support healthy eye function.

Dark Sweet Cherry

Sweet and succulent, this delicious heart-shaped fruit has been cultivated around the world for centuries. Native to the Caucasus Mountain regions, dark sweet cherries contain significant amounts of anthocyanin glycosides known for their natural ability to neutralize free radicals.


Once a staple in the Native American diet, they were referred to as “star berries” because of the five-point star shape on the blueberry blossoms. Mild and sweet, blueberries are distinctive in that they are the only blue food and are more abundant on the North American continent than any other. Blueberries were also a key ingredient in Native American folk remedies.

Concord Grape

Rich in health-protecting antioxidants, the Concord is a hearty American grape with a thick, dark purple skin and seeds that naturally contain phytonutrients called polyphenols. Research suggests that certain polyphenols may play a role in supporting heart health.


A symbol of hope and abundance in many cultures, pomegranates have been enjoyed for thousands of years. When opened, this “jewel of the winter” reveals clusters of juicy, gem-like seeds on the inside containing a powerhouse of antioxidants. Pomegranates are one of the world’s most popular fruits.


Sporting a deep purple color and claiming to be the richest source of antioxidants of all known fruits, the “crown jewel” of Brazil has been revered by the people of the Amazon for its unique nutritional properties.

Aloe Vera

Native to northern Africa, the aloe plant is a stemless succulent often cited in ancient records for its many health benefits.

Green Tea

Rich in the antioxidant catechin, this tea gets its name for its green-colored leaves when brewed and is the most favored of teas in all of China. Wildly popular throughout the world, green tea was first recognized outside of China in the early 1900s.

Grape Seed Extract

Derived from ground-up seeds of red wine grapes, this little nugget of awesome is highly favored for its antioxidant content.


Why do we hear so much about free radicals?

Medical and nutrition experts recognize that free radicals can lead to negative health consequences. Free radicals attack our cells continually, opening up the possibility of degenerative health concerns and contributing to the aging process.

Why is it important to consume Jeunesse RESERVE?

With its unique combination of antioxidants, anthocyanins and essential fatty acids, Jeunesse RESERVE is an excellent defense against free radical damage. Daily consumption of this delicious fruit blend will help you to incorporate good nutrition as part of a healthy diet.

What are some of the specific benefits provided by Jeunesse RESERVE?

Antioxidants resist cell inflammation, relieve oxidative stress and helps in delaying premature aging.

Anthocyanins help support improved cardiovascular function.

Essential fatty acids in Jeunesse RESERVE provide support for healthy digestive tract function.

Phytosterols will help to support healthy cholesterol levels.

Healthy immune system support and Increased metabolism

What is the absorption rate into the body for this product?

Jeunesse RESERVE is absorbed into the body within minutes. The bio-available gel form of our product makes it much more absorbable than encapsulated products.

We often see that resveratrol is available in 500-1000 mg capsules. To maximize the anti aging benefits of resveratrol, what is the best dosage?

Jeunesse RESERVE contains an optimal dosage amount of 75 mg of resveratrol per serving. The body's ability to absorb this important substance is even greater because of the combination of natural fruit ingredients which all work together to help achieve excellent nutrition. The mega-doses in those capsules are not readily absorbed into the body.

Are there any side effects from taking too much of Jeunesse RESERVE?

Jeunesse RESERVE is very safe product. If you were to consume more than 4 Reserve gel packs in one day, first-time users might experience some mild gastro-intestinal disturbances and loose bowel movements. It might also result in some people getting mild headaches from the resveratrol dosage.

What is the effect of combining resveratrol with the other ingredients in Jeunesse RESERVE?

Jeunesse has created a perfect balance with resveratrol, blueberry puree, pomegranate extract, grapeseed, aloe vera, acai and green tea. These ingredients work synergistically together to increase the beneficial effects of anti aging and to promote an overall feeling of wellness in the body with massive doses of antioxidants.

Is there any recommendation of how to take Jeunesse RESERVE to maximize best results?

You have total flexibility with Jeunesse RESERVE to achieve great results. You can take the product first thing in the morning or before bedtime. A dose of Jeunesse RESERVE would be a great way to start your day with breakfast. Or you can take one Jeunesse Reserve gel pack twice daily, in the morning and at night.

Does the Jeunesse RESERVE need to be stored at any specific temperature?

Room temperature is fine. The product should be kept away from excessive heat. Jeunesse RESERVE is loaded with natural minerals, trace vitamins and antioxidants that can be harmed in the presence of excess heat. The colder the product the better and the taste is exceptional after refrigeration.


RESERVE can be taken anytime. Or, you can take one gel pack twice daily–first thing in the morning and 1-2 hours before, or right before bedtime.


Pregnant or lactating women and people with known medical conditions should consult their health care professional before adding Jeunesse Reserve to their diet.

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